Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hooray and other random ramblings!

We will start with the Hooray!  Last night as always is tradition (I married into a big tradition family and my kids have already picked up on that), Claire sat on her little potty before getting in the tub.  This time she actually went peepee in the potty!  Hooray for Claire.  I am not really sure she is ready for all out potty training yet, but it was a great first victory and she was so proud of herself.
We went to an all  you can eat pizza place last week, our kids love pizza and they still eat free there.  While we were there we got the kids some balloon animals, they loved them.  Above you can see how intrigued Claire was with the balloon twisting.  Below you can see the results, a bear on a heart and a monkey on a tree.  About 30 seconds later Jacob drug his tree along the sidewalk and he suddenly only had a monkey.  On the way home Claire decided to be a pest and kept hitting Jacob with her big heart which he was really unhappy about and he couldn't really even fight back since he popped the biggest part of his balloon sculpture. (It was a little funny though because Claire was laughing really hard and Jacob was whining).
This is one of the things I did this weekend, it was for Jared's little brother's prom date, I didn't see it on her but I sure hope it ended up matching her grape colored dress and his gold tux.  
This is another thing I did this weekend.  Yep, I scraped the frosting off of almost an entire box (or package I guess) of Oreos, then I crushed the Oreos.  I only resorted to this after trips to 4 different grocery stores to find the boxed Oreo crumbs which apparently don't exist anymore since they have started making their pre-made crusts.  All of this was for that chocolate mousse cake, but despite all of the work (even outside of the crust) it was delicious and I am sure I will make it again someday.


Camie said...

we used to go to cici's pizza in Lawrence--we love it!! You did a great job on the flowers, and very creative thinking on the oreo crust.

little miss shortcake said...

we LOVE cicis. YUM.
like i told sarah, you absolutely and completely can NOT potty train your kids until i'm done with kylie :)

Sarah said...

Yeah for claire!! Cute kids! So you are saying you made the flower thing that goes around your wrist?? (A word I can't spell) I just thought you were modeling it on your wrist to see how it would look with a hand that has a diamond ring on in it:) Not sure why I thought that:)

HeatherC said...

The question remains, what did you do with all the yummy white stuff from the Oreos?