Friday, April 20, 2012


So we have been doing some changing of furniture and such in our house... one room is officially finished (I think) and there are two others that are very close. I did not have the foresight to actually take a purposeful before picture, so I had to go through a bunch of old pictures trying to find some. We got new furniture and put a lot of time and thought into our living room. This is what it looked like shortly after we moved in (almost three years ago).
It basically looked the same except this big wall unit was decorated like this (mostly thanks to Jared's talented mother who has an eye for those things).
So that was before... here it is after with a couple different views. You can all do a silent drumroll in your mind as you scroll down!
I had canvas wraps of the kids made for the big empty wall. (The pictures were taken by my friends at
We got all new furniture... a couch and ottoman, two armchairs, a few little tables, a rug and a tree, and then my dear friend Jessica who has much more talent for these things than I do painted the wall unit for us and I LOVE IT! I was nervous about that part (which is why I would not do it myself... painting is not a talent of mine) but I love the result and the room feels so different.
So... what do you think?


Nan said...

WOW---looks great!! The painted wall unit was a big surprise. I am anxious to come in a few days and see it in person-----

Jessica said...

Love it! :)

Sarah said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Camie said...

Is that really your house?? It's so fancy looking now! I love what you did to the wall unit! Love the canvases--what a great addition.

Anonymous said...

Love it all. The wall unit looks great and I love the canvases--looks a bit better than the nail with the kids art work.


3T's said...

It looks beautiful!!! How fun!! We sure miss you guys!!

John said...

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Anonymous said...

I think it looks fantastic! Even though the couch is black the whole room is lighter and fresher looking.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the white on the entertainment center. The whole room looks awesome!