Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Playing in the yard

The cousins spent a LOT of time playing together in the yard.  Heath and Bri brought over a little picnic table, and that's where many of their meals were eaten.  Surprisingly, eating actually happened, even with this crowd of little ones!

The 2-year-olds had lots of snacks at the picnic table.  We also realized the Liam and Bentley have very similar smiles and that their eyes are quite similar shapes, too.

Vicki got a pool and a slip and slide that were used a couple of days.  The big kids spent a lot of time running and diving.

The kids also had fun playing in the pool.  At one point, Jared had the kids all jumping in and doing tricks.  Brighton's belly flops were hilarious!  The kids would run all the way over to the other side of the yard, run around the house, and then jump in.

Claire doubled as the pool cleaner.  She spent a lot of her time pulling grass clippings out of the pool and making sure people were cleaning their feet before getting into the pool.

Also, she is full of sass. And has really skinny arms and legs.

The kids spent a lot of time on various types of bikes.  Kate and Liam spent a lot of time on their new bikes.  A couple times, we looked out and found them going out toward the end of the driveway and had to carry them back to the house!

Fortunately, Grandma has lots of different bikes so the kids could all have turns on a variety of them.

The boys liked driving around the jeep.  Claire and Jacob needed some driving lessons early on (it was pretty funny to watch), but they got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Claire hit her head pretty hard on the corner of the kitchen counter.  We knew she had hit it pretty good, but when she turned around and there was blood running down her head onto her face and dripping on the floor, we moved a little quicker.  Fortunately, it was a smallish puncture wound that didn't need any stitches.  She was really tough and got back to playing outside pretty quickly.

The 2 year olds spent quite a bit of time one morning sitting against the house watching the tractor in the field behind John and Vicki's house as he baled hay.  Liam was a little concerned the majority of the time ("uh oh, tractor!").

The kids all had noodle fights in the yard at various times... which Jared and Liam, of course, had to participate in.
It is fun to have kids get to experience things they don't do here in Oregon.