Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A few recent favorite pictures of Liam

Liam is going through a funny phase - he has such a big personality and is always very excited about things.  For example, when we went to the Lefrandt's on Thanksgiving for dessert, Liam (who normally LOVES dessert) didn't end up having any because he was so engrossed in the toy vacuum!  He played with that toy vacuum for an hour and a half straight!

A few days later, when the real vacuum was brought out, he hurried over for his turn with it.

He is also continuing to be very photogenic - whether it is his happy face (which we usually get) or his sad face (which is just as cute).

Kate and Liam are starting to play together more often.  They have personalities and play styles that are more different than Claire and Jacob's, and we have noticed that they don't play quite as easily together as Jacob and Claire.  However, recently, they have been increasingly involved in one another's games.