Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday break

Christmas brings a lot of time at home for the kids.  Sometimes, we find activities to keep everyone busy.  Sometimes, the kids find their own activities.

We got out our gingerbread cookie kits right after Christmas and decorated them.  The cookies really don't taste that good, but it didn't stop the kids from eating quite a bit of them.

The kids played dress up one day.  Liam chose his own costume.

For a couple days, Kate decided she was really into licking.  She seemed to be especially into licking mommy and daddy.

The kids all had a midday indoor campout in their new tent with their new Star Wars flash lights and reading new books.

We spent a night at John's Incredible Pizza where apparently the only good pictures we got were of Kate riding the train and riding the dinosaur.

Kate and Liam enjoyed serving some meals using their new kitchen and dishes.  They feed their animals, dolls, parents, and siblings.

Part of Jacob's Christmas present was a few packets of baseball cards.  Jacob spent lots of time looking at the cards, reading the backs, and sorting them.

He had some help as Liam joined in the game.

Claire and Dani used Claire's new silicon muffin forms and cookbook to make personal calzones for everyone.