Saturday, December 21, 2013

BYU - Oregon Basketball game - who to root for...

BYU's basketball team came to Eugene to play the Ducks, so we took Jacob and Claire to the game.  All week long, Jacob couldn't decide who he was rooting for.  Jared was worried he was failing!

At halftime, with BYU winning by 6, and both Jacob and Claire clearly rooting for BYU and getting quite excited whenever they made a basket, the Duck came by, and kiddos wanted to get a picture with him in it.

After BYU led the entire game, Oregon tied it up in the last minute and forced overtime, where BYU wound up losing by 4.  At this point, both Jacob and Claire declared that they were so happy that the team they were rooting for the whole game ended up winning (Jared apparently has some work to do there).

Despite the gut-wrenching loss in a very winnable game, it was a fun time for everyone.