Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning started with a whole lot of people in the parents' bed reading the Christmas story.  It is a wonderful way to start a special holiday, and we are very proud of our children for their knowledge  and understanding of Christ.

Of course, they were also full of anticipation of for what was downstairs.  We continued the long tradition of making them wait for daddy to go downstairs first to video.

The babies came downstairs and were a little bit overwhelmed and weren't sure what to do because they didn't go straight to the new play kitchen.

Once they did, they played together very well for quite a while.

Later in the morning, they opened some new dishes which sent them right back to the kitchen

Kate opened up a new Cinderella and immediately ran off.  We wondered why, but she came back with scissors to get her out of the box as fast as possible, sat patiently while Cinderella was freed, and then immediately snuggled with her new princess with a look of joy on her face.

Liam got a lawn mower and spent some time running around the house with it.  It's a little bit anti-climatic getting an outdoor toy like this during the winter time, especially when he doesn't have daddy to follow around while he mows.

Claire got a Rainbow Loom and has made lots of bracelets for everyone.  She loves making different color patterns.

Jacob got a sweatshirt that he really really LOVES!  He wears it all the time!

Jacob and Claire both got legos and spent hours on Christmas putting together their new Lego sets.  They are very good at following all the directions very closely and making exactly what the directions say.

Kate got a box of princess books, which she was very excited for.  She spent lots of time carrying the box around and reading with mama and daddy.

It was a very busy day for everyone!