Monday, December 02, 2013

Thanksgiving (and more!) with Amber

Amber came to join us for Thanksgiving for the 3rd time.  It was fun to have her here, and the kids certainly got lots of time with her.  Some of the highlights included Amber's "interview with a 2nd grader" series of videos with Jacob, Zoo Lights, and the girls traditional late Thanksgiving night trip to the outlets.

Kiddos had the entire week of Thanksgiving off of school.  One day, I came downstairs to see that Jacob and Claire had helped get breakfast for Kate and Liam.  The boys and girls both shared their own stools.  Another morning, I heard Jacob and Claire talking about making oatmeal, and I came downstairs to see 4 large (and full) bowls of cold oatmeal.  1 packet of oatmeal and a bunch of water made it more like soup, but Jacob loved it and the other kids ate it, too.  It left its own special mess!

Even though we didn't have lots of guests this year, we still made plenty of food!  It all tasted delicious!

Jacob joined Jared in playing the Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving morning.  They had a large turnout of 22 people, so they split into 2 separate games for the last 45 minutes.  Jacob's proudest moment was his actual tackle of one of the big guys (who kind of tripped over Jacob so he wouldn't run Jacob over - it was pretty awesome)!

Kate was a big helper making Christmas dinner - she loves pulling over the stool and helping.  Amber loved taking pictures of the all the different faces Kate makes.

We went to Zoo Lights on the Monday after Thanksgiving.  It was quite cold, but the lights were awesome!  (it also was apparently the only place we got a picture with Amber while she was here!)



Anonymous said...

Zoo looks fun. Nice feast!