Monday, March 17, 2014

10th anniversary trip to Mexico - it happened this time!

This time, we were able to go on our trip to celebrate our 10th anniversary!!!  We went to the Secrets resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Puerto Vallarta and the resort were beautiful!!!

It felt wonderful to go on a walk on the beach.  We wound up doing this a number of times around sunset and throughout the day.  It was nice to just hold hands and talk!

The staff were all very friendly.  We wound up talking about our anniversary and that we are expecting our 5th child, but 1st singleton.  One of the chefs prepared a special message for our desserts: "Happy 10th anniversary" with a heart and "Congratulation it's baby" complete with a stork, which he said he thought looked like a chicken.  The last night, we mentioned that it was our last night, and our dessert came out with a message as well: "Have a nice trip."

One day, we took a taxi to the boardwalk and walked up the boardwalk.  There was a man balancing rocks on the beach.  Jared found it pretty impressive and wanted to try some of his own later on in the week during a later walk.  His weren't quite as impressive.

We visited a own square and saw a cathedral with school children outside of it.  It had beautiful stained glass windows and looked bright and beautiful.

We spent many hours each day reclining on a beach chair reading and relaxing.

And drinking frozen beverages and eating chips and guacamole.  Needless to say, we were very well taken care of!

We were also interested in the men and women walking the beaches selling their goods.  The hat man reminded us of a book we have read to our kids!

Jared got a hat from the hat man and used it quite stylishly!

There were times that relaxing was a little bit too hard on Jared, and he wound up itching for activities.  Two mornings, he took a sea kayak out for an hour or more (we discovered that Dani's pregnancy would not allow her to go on the kayaks as well).  The first time back, he ended up flipping it in the breaking waves!

Jared also played sand volleyball a number of times, and sand soccer once.  On that day, there were 9 Mexicans and Jared.  One pointed out one of the other team and said that he was Jose Manuel de la Torre, the coach of the Mexican national team from 2011-2013.  Jared stole the ball from him and wound up scoring the game's first goal shortly thereafter, prompting a few of his teammates to yell, "el gringo!!!"

We were able to do some activities together, including playing ping pong and swimming out to the ocean trampoline.  It's much harder to jump on a trampoline in the ocean than one on the ground!  We also had a wonderfully relaxing couples massage.

Our nightlife was pretty laid back.  We saw a couple of the resort's shows, one with some impressive acrobatics, and another with a more native Mexican cultural feel to it.  Afterwards, we liked to sit in the chairs in the lobby and talk.  The lights and the water were beautiful.

On a couple nights, we played pool, reminding ourselves quickly that neither of us are much of pool players!

We definitely ate our way through the week!  The breakfast buffet was delicious.  Our favorite dinners were the Mexican restaurant, where we wound up getting more off of the menu than 2 people should really get (good thing Dani was pregnant, so there were really 3 at the table), and the oceanfront seafood restaurant.

Sunsets were beautiful both from our room and from the beach!

We definitely would return!

Another huge thanks to Vicki for watching the kids!  While it is certainly a lot of tiring work, it seemed that the kids all had a great time with her, including going to the Lego Movie!