Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2.5 gallons of wipes

Kate and Liam have developed a new routine after they are supposed to be asleep, only discovered because it was suspiciously quiet.  They emptied more than 2 Costco-sized packages of wipes and stuffed them between the headboard of Kate's bed and the wall.  The majority were still stuck there, with a large pile under the bed.

As we walked in, Kate was laying down, and Liam was stuffing more and more wipes down.  Kate looked very guilty.

We stuffed the wipes into 2 gallon-size bags plus a quart-sized bag.  Dani thought it was hilarious, and Kate pretended to sleep.

Over the next week, they repeated this 3 more times (taking the bags of wipes and re-emptying them!).  At that point, we took the bulbs out of their light fixture.  No light, no empty wipe bags!


Sarah said...

Now that is AWESOME!! I love how Dani can laugh it off. That is why you are parents to two sets of twins and soon to be another kid.