Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break in San Diego - La Jolla

We stayed in La Jolla for our trip.  La Jolla was beautiful!  We were able to walk to a couple restaurants, ice cream shops, and take nice walks.  Our hotel had a nice ocean view and was right across the street from an oceanfront park.

I love this picture of Dani!!!

We took walks in the park a number of times.

The hotel was perfect for us.  It had 2 bedrooms and a large living area.  We would have the boys and girls fall asleep in the rooms, then we would move the boys onto the fold-out bed.  When the kids would wake up, they would congregate in the family room and watch cartoons.  It was a great setup!

On Sunday afternoon, we made our way onto the beach below the boardwalk across from the hotel.

We ate breakfast on the room of the hotel each morning.  The first morning, a seagull came down and snatched a hard boiled egg off of a plate!  After that, the kids weren't nearly as interested in eating outside, but we made them anyways - it was truly beautiful! 

It was funny to see all the luggage piled up together.  We were certainly a spectacle through the airport and at the rental car place with all of our little people and big luggage!