Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break in San Diego - Day 1: USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum

We took the family to San Diego for our first Spring Break trip as a family.  The first thing that we did right after landing in San Diego was to go to the USS Midway Museum in the San Diego harbor.

We got to see a lot of different planes under and on the deck.  There were planes from different wars and lots of different helicopters.  One of the cool things was the automated tour guides system with head sets where you could hear stories told by pilots or other servicemen.

We learned about the process of launching a plane off the runway, told by a former serviceman who had experience in the plane.  Jacob and Liam took turns acting like the 'shooter' in the middle of the runway.  We learned about the different colors of jackets on the deck.

We got to sit in cockpits of planes and helicopters.

It was so much fun to walk the deck with the kids.  Jared could have stayed all day!


Anonymous said...

Looks way more fun than I imagined. Sorry we missed it when we were there.