Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Break San Diego - Days 2-3: Legoland

The first and second full days in San Diego were spent in Legoland.  Legos and Star Wars and rides all in one place - I don't know if there could be anything better!!!

Legoland has a large area that for miniature versions of US cities, including New York, Washington DC, and New Orleans.

Jared had memories of visiting sites in New Orleans depicted and also thought the New Orleans cemetery, hearse, and funeral procession were particularly interesting!

The levels of detail was pretty impressive!  We took a number of trips to visit the mini cities.

The kids were really excited to see large-sized versions of Star Wars characters, character minifigures, and scenes.  The girls were the only ones willing to take a few minutes to take a picture with their favorites.  

The full-sized Chewbacca was pretty cool!

In addition to the mini city and Star Wars displays, Dani took the babies on a cruise to see some additional Lego sites.  It's amazing some of the things that were built with Lego bricks and how big they are!


The Lego Movie came out a few weeks before our trip.  Legoland had a large exhibit dedicated to the Legoland movie.  It had the entire Legoland city set.  The kids loved it!

There were even random Lego guys sitting around the park.  We found this guy especially funny.

We took a couple selfies on the Sky Cruiser ride.

Kate and Liam loved their rides - and they brought Jared along, too.  And he was loving it just as much!

Jacob and Claire rode on a couple different roller coasters (and loved them!), 

There was a good mix of rides for Kate and Liam and for Jacob and Claire - and for pregnant Dani!

Legoland had a great way of entertaining the kids while "in" line - let the kids play with Legos while the parents waited in line!  It did make for a little bit better waiting in line experience.  Fortunately, there weren't too many long lines.  There were a few, but not too many.

We caught a precious moment with Jacob and Claire holding hand in one line!

Fortunately, most of the lines in the little kids' rides didn't have very long lines so that Kate and Liam could literally run in the lines to get to the rides.  Check out the expressions on their faces!  Hilarious!  

They were long, fun days!!!