Tuesday, November 04, 2014

a few of Torin's favorite things

Torin LOVES his exersaucer.  He will stand in there for an hour or more.  He reaches for toys, bats at the different moveable toys, and just loves playing.  He watches anyone and everyone who is in the room.

When he gets tired of the exersaucer, Torin also loves to sit in the Bumbo, in large part because he likes being up and part of the action that happens in the kitchen.  He sometimes plays with toys, he sometimes just likes to sit and watch.  Andrea thinks he is like an owl, head always turning to watch!  He also often spreads his arms out like he wants to give a giant hug!

He also loves playing on his play mat.  He likes to look at the baby in the mirror and play with the toys that hang down.

Torin started rolling over a few weeks ago from back to front.  He hasn't really gotten to the front to back roll yet, but he is starting to enjoy his tummy time.  Sometimes, he loves to lift his head up, and other times, he likes to just lay down and relax.

Torin spends lots of time in his car seat and is super patient just hanging out there.  In church, for example, he will just hang out through the entire sacrament meeting until he falls asleep for a nap through most of the 2nd hour.  He hangs out in his carseat through soccer practices, library, zumba, and running errands.  What a patient little guy!

We love this little boy.  He is a relaxed, peaceful little guy that loves socializing.  He is quick with a grin.  He loves to coo and talk softly.


Unknown said...

Love reading these posts and appreciate your efforts keeping us updated.