Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Eventful trips to the dentist

Our kids had a couple dentist appointments this week.  First of all, all four were amazing for the appointment! I think that the sunglasses accessories helped Kate.  This week's appointments revealed two more (Claire's and Kate's) unique dental situations that our kids have.

Claire ended up having a second appointment this week to get some work done.  One of her permanent teeth isn't coming in straight, so she needed to get a baby molar pulled so that the permanent tooth wouldn't be damaged.  Claire was a trooper for it - she still has no idea that she got a numbing shot before her tooth was pulled (she thinks the topical numbing was all she got!).  She got a temporary spacer put around her tooth and will get a more long-term one once it is custom made.  Her mouth is pretty small, and she will certainly have braces and possibly more dental work in her future.

 Jacob has some discoloration in his top front teeth.  It may have happened from a high fever when he was a baby (he and Claire were over 104 a few times), or they just didn't form right from the start.  The discoloration has faded a little and may continue to as he gets older, but he may eventually need some work.

Kate, we learned this week, has a small mouth and will eventually need a palate spacer because she has a cross bite.

Liam has two baby teeth that have fused together and come in at the same time (which happened a long time ago).  Fortunately, Liam is probably the one child that won't need further work on his teeth (or so it appears at this point) as his permanent teeth appear to be normal.

Torin doesn't yet have any teeth, and we're hoping to not continue this track record!  Hopefully they're there!