Saturday, November 08, 2014

Soccer season

As many nights and weekends as we spend in parks and on soccer fields during the soccer season, it's funny how few pictures we have of the kids actually playing.  That probably has something to do with Jared coaching during Jacob's games and Dani multi-tasking watching kids and trying to watch games all at the same time!  We were blessed with beautiful weather all throughout the soccer season this year, so we could 

Claire's team could best be described as a team full of gentle souls.  Jared described the team's style of play similar to a bunch of butterflies, floating around the ball, but never really wanting to be too aggressive.  In a practice near the beginning of the season, Claire was put as goalkeeper and allowed a goal, which was apparently pretty traumatic.  She didn't play goalie in a game until weeks later, but in that game, she had a couple stops and gained a little confidence.  By the end of the season, she was doing pretty well as goalie (other than her throws, which typically traveled around 5-6 feet total) and really enjoyed it.  We enjoyed watching her run and enjoy playing.

From the beginning of the season, nearly everyone on Jacob's team wanted to try playing goalie, which Jared loved, of course.  There was a lot of energy on the team and there were quite a few moments that everything seemed to come together nicely.

The season ended with a jamboree, which involved playing 3 half-length games on an incredibly soggy field (that kind of smelled like sewage).  The season ended on a high point as Jacob's team scored with less than a minute remaining to win their last game!