Friday, November 14, 2014

Fun at Precoa

One great part of working at Precoa is that it is a fun work environment.  Here are a few of the things that have made it a fun 2014:

In May, during the incentive travel trip, we decided that we should fill Jim's office with balloons, so we stuffed over 1500 balloons in!  Fortunately, Justin had an air compressor and we were able to enlist a number of volunteers to help tie the balloons.

Some of the balloons we bought were pretty cheap, and we were filling them very full, so they started popping as we were throwing them in.  It was a bit unnerving sitting right outside as they were popping!  By the end, we were throwing them over the wall (through the ceiling) to get the office completely full.  Jim loved it and had his family come in to run through the balloon-filled office.

The summer picnic is a fun time for the entire family.  We have held the picnic at Memorial Park for the past 5 years.  Every year, we seem to add new things.  This year, we added bubble soccer.  Jacob loved playing, even if he had a hard time getting back up when he was knocked down!

There are constant activities and tons of food.  After being runner up in last year's egg toss (to an egg that didn't break when thrown 50 feet in the air onto the ground!!!), Jared didn't have as much success this year, only finishing in the top 5.

One of the traditions of the summer picnic is to do it on the hottest day of the year.  This year's was in September, and fortunately, it wasn't the hottest day of the year, though it was pretty warm, as the melted crayons in Kate's prize could attest!

Precoa also does some great meetings and events.  This year's sales meeting was at Skamania Lodge and included a hike up beacon rock to see the sun rise, where we toted up speakers, motivational poster boards, and food to create the right atmosphere.  It also included a hike in the gorge to Oneonta Falls.  They are definitely places we want to bring the kids!

We held our annual strategy meeting in Walla Walla, Washington, at a large home on a winery.  While we were there, we got snow.  We had some early morning runs through 17 degree weather, played the 'door game' late into the night, and got lots of work done.  The home accommodated us perfectly and was beautiful.  Check out the carving on the door!

The snow made the drive home pretty treacherous.  There were two cars that made the drive, and fortunately, Jared's chose to go through Washington through the gorge, which brought them home nearly 4 hours earlier than the other one that stayed in Oregon!

Jared loves working at Precoa.  It is a challenging job as he works to help the company grow, but he loves it!  Plus, it's a lot of fun!


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Wow...nice place to work!