Friday, November 28, 2014

Snow time in Cody

One of the exciting parts of going to Cody is when there is snow!  For us, living in Portland, we don't get to be around snow very often, so when we get the chance, we tend to spend a lot of time in it.  When we arrived in Cody, there was a little bit of snow left from a previous storm, and Claire, Jacob, and Kate (and Liam joined later) immediately set off on constructing a snow fort (to defend against snowballs).

Jared went and joined, too, looking great!

The next day, it snowed, so we packed everyone up and went to a park in Cody to do some sledding.  

We did a couple sides of the hill and ultimately found one with a few little bumps.  Kate won the award for most uncomfortable-looking ride down the hill!

Torin was really sweet and hung out quietly in his carseat while the rest of the family played in the snow and checked in with him on occasion.  Given that we don't really experience the snow and cold much in Portland, we really don't have much cold-weather gear around, so we layered and improvised.


We went home and finished the snow fort, though it was a little tough because the snow was not very good for packing since it was so cold.  We sprayed water around it to make it icy (in theory).

The next day, on Thanksgiving, we woke up to strong winds and 50 degree weather, which made the snow start melting quickly!  We went to work and built a snowman out by the shop (which Jacob made a Pilgrim hat for), then started rolling snowballs in the back yard.  The snow, which was 3-4 inches deep the night before, was barely an inch deep, but it was so dense that the snow balls were super heavy!  Jared managed to build the snowmen taller than him!

Jacob built a snowman as well and decided he was a baseball player with hat and bat.  We were able to build 5 pretty good sized (and very wet and heavy) snowmen before we needed to come in for Thanksgiving dinner.  By the end of the day, nearly all of the snow from the grass was gone.  The next day, before we left early in the morning, all of the snowmen had tipped over, and by the end of the day, all of the snow had melted!