Wednesday, December 31, 2014


"When I am 18 or older."
- 1/1, as an answer to the question, "Claire, when will you have your first boyfriend?"  Needless to say, both mom and dad were pleased with that answer!

- February through April... Claire has been going through a phase where she isn't able to hear as well as normal.

"Do you forget things because you're pregnant?"
- 4/12 to Dani.  Careful kid...

"So there will be more Jensens and because boys are more likely to like Star Wars"
- the reasons Claire wants the baby to be a boy

"I'm just trying to be a wookie when I do that."
- Claire's explanation on why she groans sometimes (not that she's upset).

"Mommy, you don't look like you're even pregnant anymore!  Or it's just a little tiny baby"
- August, when Torin was 2.5 months old.

"She doesn't have nibbles because she's not married yet"
- December, referring to a character in a movie.

"The Scout"
- Referring to himself in April, after he turned 8.

"Nana, you know, you could feed the baby."
- 6/9.  Ideas of how else Nana could help with a newborn.

- the drive to Cody when Jacob couldn't remember the word "Montana"

"What is Santa going to bring me for Christmas?"
- Starting within a few days after Christmas and continuing for months, every time one of the parents lays next to Kate at naptime or bedtime, Kate is sure to ask what Santa is going to bring her for Christmas.

"Mommy, you're my best buddy."
- 1/6 after family prayers.

"Curious George is so handsome.  Just like Daddy"
- 2/5 to Dani.

Kate: "I am so, so, so, so happy!!!!"
Jared: "Why?"
Kate: "Because I LOVE my mommy!!!"
- 2/27 while Jared was laying with Kate before bed while Dani was in New York City.

- all the time, especially when in the car when Dani or Jared are trying to have a conversation with one of the other kids or with one another.

"I have a boogy!"
- all the time (April and May).  Any time even a threat of a runny nose creeps up, Kate needs a tissue, so in April and May when a persistent little cold left Kate with a bit of a runny nose, we heard this phrase a lot.  And went through a lot of tissues (whether or not we could see any evidence!)

"I need to go potty!"
- all the time (April and May).  Kate decided to take potty training to a whole new level, going potty seemingly every 10 minutes.  Fortunately, while we are out, she holds it, but something about the proximity and availability of a convenient potty makes her think she has to go.

"Spiders have two legs and one nose and a long long back and we don't touch them, okay?!?"
- 5/22 - random pearls of wisdom

"My tummy is feeling kind of drivey again, mom."
- 5/30 - feeling a bit car sick a few days after she and Liam's car seats were moved to the back of the Yukon.

"Tomorrow after naps, you can have a baby girl."
- 6/6 - about 36 hours after Torin was born.  Because babies come 2 at a time in the Jensen household.

"It looks like a granola bar, but it's not a granola bar."
- 10/18.  Kate's assessment of the contents of the potty.

- Nov-Dec.  What Kate says when she goes to bed, after she's been "laying" in bed for over an hour, in the middle of the night when she wakes up, and when she wakes up too early in the morning.

"My monster"
- Liam's name for Chewbacca

Liam: "Mama, did you burp?"
Dani: "No, it was a toot."
Liam: "You better potty mama.  You better go to the bathroom so you don't go poopoo in the chair."
- 1/9 to Dani

"Radio Have-to, Radio Have-to.  WOooah-Oh, WOooah-Oh"
- Liam singing along to Radioactive, relatively in tune.  April and May

"YES!!!!!" or "YES, I love this one!!!"
- Liam's reaction to various things: songs he likes, or if he is able to scamper back to bed before mom or dad gets there to pick him up and put him in the crib, if you give him an unexpected treat, etc.

"I want to watch the minions because minions say BOT-TOM"
- 6/3 - while sick, Liam wanted to choose Despicable Me as a show to watch for this reason.

"D.I.N.G.O. and Dingo was his name-o!"
- 7/1 - Liam's version of the Bingo song

"When I was a ..., I used to ..."
- "mommy," "fireman,"

"My darling" and "my sweetie"
- July - Liam's pet names for Dani

"All of ... "
- Liam's way of saying 'lots of.'  For example, "I am going to push all of buttons"

"No, IN the potty, not ON the potty"
- Liam's response to the parents' cheers celebrating his potty training

"I don't like girls"
- started in November... not sure when it will end.

Kate and Liam

"The potty train"
- as in "Liam, when you get on the potty train, we can go to preschool!"