Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Holiday Activities

One of the best parts of the Christmas season is when Jared takes a few days off and we can do some fun activities.  Since the Caspers were staying with us, we figured we'd do a few fun activities!

Jared took the kids bowling - just Jared and 6 kids!  The big kids, Jacob, Claire nad Trey, bowled on their own lane and had a great time.  Liam and Duffy used a lot of body language with his rolls while Kate just wanted to suck her thumb.

Jared somehow scored his highest eve, including his first Turkey!!!

Nana sent a fun activity, making chocolate pretzel trees.  The kids were all excited and very involved in their trees.  They were proud of the results!

For Family Home Evening, we played 6 on a couch.  Or so it seemed!

We took a trip to OMSI with Trey.  After playing in the ball room for a while, we built earthquake-proof structures out of Legos and other materials.

We also built a pyramid - which lasted just long enough for us to snap a picture before Kate pushed it down!  It was pretty funny to watch the kids reactions when it fell.

We got the kids in front of the green screen and took pictures of floating heads.

Torin had a great time at OMSI too!

Dani even found a few minutes to play the guitar!