Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Dani's traditional Rudolf pancakes started Christmas Eve off on the right foot, though only the redheads left them on their plates long enough for a picture!

After a day full of preparation, we had Ben and Aubrey Young over for hor dourves, and Jared was excited to use the slate cheese plate and cheese knife that his co-workers gave him for Christmas.

We made our traditional prime rib and king crab legs, which are Jacob and Claire's favorites.  This year, having learned from previous years, we used the awesome Cutco scissors and were able to not only keep up with the kids' eating but also eat our own crab legs!  We got Christmas Eve poppers that gave everyone crowns to wear at dinner.  Torin loved dinner too, especially the mashed potatoes!

After dinner, we had a very active nativity scene, though Baby Jesus was pretty calm!  Liam (i.e. Joseph) not only refused to wear pants but wouldn't stand closer to Claire (i.e. Mary) to hide those thighs and stated "I want you to see my undies!"  Kate was super excited to be the angel and she and Claire took their responsibilities quite seriously.  The other boys played 2 parts as the wise men and the shepherds.

Afterwards, we opened Christmas pajamas.  Jacob and Claire's set matched, and Kate and Liam were super cute in theirs too.

Our little Christmas baby Torin was cute and cuddly with his new pajamas, complete with Santa feet!

Dani was sent pajamas from Nana, too, and she wore her eye mask around all night - until it was time to sleep!