Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmastime activities

We decided that we have lived in Portland for over 5 years and haven't done as many Christmas events as we would like, so we made it a point to get out and explore some new events.  For the first time since we moved here, we went downtown to see the Christmas tree on Pioneer Square.  It was huge - over 75 feet tall!  We had some chestnuts (Jared insisted, with memories of buying them from street vendors on bicycles in Portugal). Jacob and Claire had spotted a large chess set in a square.  They played a game against a little boy (probably 5-6 years old) who obviously had chess running in his bloodlines!  They had a good time and put up a good match.  It was funny to watch these little people carry around those big chess pieces!

For FHE, we went to see a nativity display at a church in Milwaukee.  The setup of the church was quite beautiful!  They had booths around the sides of the gym with displays of different shops, and they had built a well in the middle of the gym, complete with stone pavers, raised off the gym floor.  The stage was set up like the city of Jerusalem.  There were performers (Howard Young's wife, Fontella, and some others from his ward) as well.  It was a very well-done display!

One of the very first nativities we saw was a Lego one!  The kids (and Jared) were pretty amused by the creativity.  For the next few days, Jacob and Claire worked on their own Lego nativities.  We enjoyed seeing the many different nativities.

We took the kids to the Portland Speedway for their lights show.  We waited in line for a long time (seriously) before we got to see the lights.  Trey fell asleep while we were waiting (even though he kept saying he wasn't tired, he was bored), and as much as we tried, we could not wake him up!  We were singing the 12 days of Christmas loudly as we passed the lights representing the 12 days, we touched his arms, and I'm pretty sure Claire and Jacob patted his head for a full minute.  After we had gotten milk shakes from McDonalds in Tigard (they don't serve peppermint, we found out - though with added candy canes, it made it peppermint-like), Trey woke up and asked, "Is it time to see the lights?"

Dani even spent an evening playing guitar!