Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas this year will be memorable for two reasons - the first Christmas with Torin and because we were joined by the Casper family.  Christmas morning started with the kids (and the Caspers!) tearing out of their wrapped doorways (the Caspers for the second time - Trevor got to do it in the middle of the night!).

Torin was very interested in all of his new toys - and the boxes and wrapping paper.  A few of the toys drew high interest from all of his siblings, particularly the rattle-controlled car!

Liam was enthusiastic as always as he opened his gifts.  He was very excited for so many of his gifts - his remote control car, his 'computer,' his binoculars.  One of his favorites was the fishing set from Grandma Vicki.  They spent lots of time picking up that fish from the ground (we didn't put it in water for a long time afterwards!).  When we called each set of grandparents, Liam wanted to tell them about absolutely everything he got - even down to each individual mini candy canes, Crunch bells, and Hershey's kisses.

Kate had a very Frozen Christmas!  She got an Anna and Elsa dress, dolls of the Frozen characters, a large plush Elsa doll, Elsa shoes, Frozen Spot it, and some candy in a light-up dispenser.  She was in heaven!

Especially exciting was the light-up, blinking Elsa shoes with a little heel.  They were so excited that Liam decided he needed to try them on and strut around with them - with no pants, of course!

Claire's one Christmas wish came true - her very own white Christmas tree!

We didn't get a lot of pictures of Claire, Jacob, or the Caspers on Christmas day.  They were all pretty quickly busy building Legos, playing Transformers (Trevor spent hours figuring out how to transform one of Trey's guys), or playing Ninja Turtles.  Claire, as usual, finished her big Lego set in one sitting.

It was a great day - not nearly as peaceful and serene as the setup was, but fun and exciting, for sure!