Saturday, March 07, 2015

Biking and Hiking in Champoeg

It feels like we've had spring for weeks, and we are loving it!  Whenever there's a nice sunny day in the winter time, we make sure to spend it outside.  Jacob was in charge of making us lunch for a Cub Scout requirement, and he grilled hot dogs.

Meanwhile, Kate and Liam picked the (very abundant) abundant dandelions.

Afterwards, we took a bike ride in Champoeg.  These little boys squeezed into the bike trailer - Liam was Torin's little buddy!

We rode over to the other side of the park, and then took a short hike.  As usual, Kate and Liam found some walking sticks.  On part of the hike, we got to see a little gardener snake slithering through the undergrowth next to the trail.  I was very impressed that no one (including Dani!) freaked out!

The hike led to a great view of the river!  Torin sat still long enough to take some cute pictures.