Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Training - Reds vs. A's

The real reason (at least in Jared's eyes) in coming to Arizona was going to a Spring Training baseball game. Dani found the perfect game - the Reds playing against the A's! Jared was properly decked out in what probably appeared to be a very confusing outfit representing both teams. We sat out in left field on the grass, where we could spread out a blanket and spread out as a family.

Before the game, Jacob was able to get signatures from some of his favorite players, Todd Frazier and Billy Hamilton.  Jacob has become quite a little baseball card collector.  It has been fun for Jared to watch as Jacob gets into something Jared enjoyed as a kid.

Liam enjoyed throwing the ball down the hill to Jared.  People passing by were pretty enamored with the energetic little redhead throwing lefty (most of the time). On occasion, he would turn, and throw toward the people standing close by - fortunately, he didn't hit anyone or come all that close.

It was too hot for Kate and for Claire, who found a small spot of grass at the bottom of the hill in the shade of the scoreboard.

It was such a fun game to be at with the entire family!

After the hot game, we went to swim in the pool. We learned that people in Arizona don't heat their pools, which are still quite cold in March!  Liam didn't want to let go of either me or the wall - he was clinging on pretty tight! Kate was pretty excited to be in the water swimming.

The kids, including Torin, enjoyed some popsicles after pool time.  Yum!