Monday, March 23, 2015

Traveling with 7

Traveling with 7 brought with it the usual laughs and issues.  We rented a 12 passenger van because the minivans, which is what we normally would rent, were hundreds more expensive.

One of the first orders of business when we got the van was to name it. All sorts of names were thrown out, but in the end, Claire's suggestion of "Spermie the Sperm Whale" or just "Spermie" for short, won out.  We had some fun with that name throughout the week, making up songs and telling stories about Spermie.

One of the best benefits of Spermie was the trunk size!  Jared hasn't had such an easy job loading a car since we had just 2 kids. Spermie did not help with car sickness. Or where people sat drama.  It did somehow fit in the garage (by probably 2 inches at the most!) of the place we stayed in.

Nearly everywhere we traveled, people would comment on our group size, and would often count the number of children we have.  Perhaps it was pulling up in such a large vehicle, the little row of children we would take up a mountain trail, into a movie theater, to a restaurant, or in the airport.

The sight at the airport was pretty funny - we had packed mostly carry-ons because we didn't want to pay for checked bags, but that made for quite the scene.  This picture is particularly funny - Claire reading, Jacob and Kate playing with Torin and Jared, Liam exploring (he is in the left corner), and a giant pile of suitcases!

Before we left Arizona, we stopped at the science museum.  Some of my favorites were watching Kate lay on a bed of nails and watching Kate and Claire behind a screen playing with the 'rain.'

It was an amazing and memorable trip for everyone!