Sunday, March 01, 2015

Park days

We have had an unseasonably warm and sunny stretch of the winter (if we can even call it that this year!), so we've been able to enjoy lots of days in the parks and Sunday walks.  

Because of how nice it is, we've been able to have days in lots of different parks with the kids

We feel like it's almost an obligation during any sunny February day to go to a park, and we've tried to do that, though there have been so many sunny days that we've missed quite a few sunny days!
It has been nice enough that the maintenance crew at Memorial Park have had to mow the lawn a number of times (Jared is up to 5 times already in our yard!).  The other day at the park, all Liam wanted to do is watch the lawnmower!  Kate has begun to really love the tire swing, and has no problem asking anyone to push her!

The trees are already blooming in the park
and along Canyon Creek's neighborhoods

as are the dandelions.

In conclusion, we love Oregon!