Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Training 2015: Scottsdale

We decided to have our family's spring break in Arizona this year, and we packed a lot of activities into the 6 days we were there!  

Traveling with 7 now (including 6 who need plane tickets), we decided to start spring break a day early - and given that Jacob and Claire were only scheduled to be in school for 1/2 day, we thought that would be worth the less expensive tickets we bought!  

After getting in super late Tuesday night, Jared and the kids went to the movie Cinderella while Dani  and Torin caught up on sleep (Dani wasn't feeling well).  Afterwards, we went to Scottsdale to McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.  It was an awesome park! We got to ride on a mini train (which Liam was particularly excited for - it is what he had been telling people we were going to do in Arizona for weeks), and it was a surprisingly long ride through the park.

The park had a newly constructed model train museum.  It was so new that not all of the train tracks had been completed.  It was interesting to watch all of the trains and other model railroad decorations.  Jared could have stayed in there for hours! 

The park also had a little carousel, and all of the kids enjoyed a ride on it.

After the train park, we took a trip to the Sugar Bowl for some dessert before dinner (gotta love vacation!). It is an old-school ice cream parlor with decor and was frequently featured in locally-written comic, Family Circus, so they had a few comic strips up on the walls.

We located a Cafe Rio and ended our day there and looked forward to day 2!