Saturday, April 25, 2015

Adventures around Portland with Brother Andrew

While Andrew was in Portland, we got to play tour guide, one of our favorite things to do!  So, we decided he needed to experience all of Portland, including the food, the vintage, and the waterfalls.

One afternoon, we took a trip to east Portland to a food cart we had read about on Yahoo (named one of the top 27 food carts in the US).  They had a small menu of only 4 items and a dessert, so, being that we were 3 adults, we ordered the entire menu, and it blew us away!!!  We couldn't reach a consensus on our favorite dish between the fried chicken sandwich and salad, the pork bowl (named the Important Helmet for Outer Space), the loaded mac and cheese, and the mole.  The dessert was amazing too!  Definitely worth the drive.

We spent a night enjoying Portland and trying to convince Andrew that he should move here after college.  We started the night at the Buffalo Clothing Exchange, a vintage clothing store, where Jared couldn't quite convince Dani to purchase the uncomfortably tight leather pants, but where we did leave with a few awesome USA-inspired articles.

Andrew was loving the huge record store and wishing he could buy a bunch of vinyl albums for his collection.  I think he could have spent hours at Powell's books - we lost him a few times and would find him standing in a random aisle.

After dinner, Dani wanted to treat him to her favorite thing in downtown Portland - Irving Street Kitchen's butterscotch pudding.

Another day, Andrew started the day at Precoa with Jared, and then they went up to see some waterfalls. We tried to get to as many we could as fast as we could, and we were pretty successful! We saw Multnomah and fast-hiked it up to the top. We made our way down the gorge seeing and hiking to 3 other waterfalls.

By the time they got to the Vista House (which didn't have a great vista by that time in the day!), Andrew had inspired Jared to branch out from his normal pose just a bit. It was nice to spend some one on one time together!