Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ten Month Torin

It is amazing how fast Tiny Torin is growing!  He has some awesome leg rolls, and he definitely doesn't feel tiny carrying him around all over the place!

He has been "crawling" for a little over a month, and is just starting to pick up some speed.  When he doesn't have a shirt on, he'll crawl normally, but otherwise, he tends to drag his belly on the ground.  He is getting into everything now!  He's quite happy and loves attention from his siblings.  

We recently put the gate back at the top of the stairs, but the bottom bracket was pulled out of the wall, so we have been gate-less for a few days.  Last night, Torin crawled quickly over the stairs  -Jared was waiting for him to do so and let him fall a bit but caught him.  Tonight, he went over to the stairs, put his hand over the stair, then turned around.  He repeated this a number of times.  Perhaps we won't have to do a gate afterall (which is best for everyone since many times the gate was left open even when it should've been shut!)

Torin is very observant - he often watches things going on around him with his mouth agape.  Hopefully he's learning all good things from his siblings!  He is ticklish around his neck, blowing on his belly, or giving 'aggressively' kissing his cheek.

Torin is loved by all!

- waving hi
- kicking the ball.  When we hold him up by his armpits, he's kick both of his legs and say "keekeekee."
- so big (after which he tries to clap for himself, but he's not so good at clapping)
- signing more (he's not very good at this, but he's definitely enthusiastic when he can have beans)

"Words."  We're pretty sure Torin is saying certain things.  Tonight, for example, as I was putting him to bed, he looked up at me from his crib and clearly said "Daddy."  He then said "aah" (his way of saying Hi) as I said "Hi Torin."  We keep trying to get him to say Mama, but he's having none of that right now.
- Daddy
- Hi (aah, while waving)
- Get it ("deedeet")
- kick, kick, kick ("keekeekee")

Favorite things:
- Food: beans, bananas, or any dessert
- Toy: noise making toys
- Bath tubs - he loves to stand at the tub and especially loves to take a bath!
- Dishwasher
- Bathroom, including the garbage can, toilet, and toilet brush (eww!!!)
- Pulling things off shelves or out of cupboards (books, Tupperware, diapers, etc)


Unknown said...

Such a cutie! The picture in the shopping cart is priceless!

Unknown said...

Such a cutie! The picture in the shopping cart is priceless!