Monday, April 27, 2015

Baseball Season

Jacob had another great baseball season. It was the first year of kid pitch, and there was certainly a bit of a learning curve both for the boys pitching and the boys hitting. Jacob's game improved quite a bit, particularly in his throwing and catching and consistently making contract.  He had a great attitude the entire season and was always uplifting and positive to be around.

We had a lot of great weather, so we rarely had to bring an umbrella or have Torin in his stroller under cover.  It was on the blanket after we had eaten dinner at Jacob's baseball game that Torin began really wanting to stand on his own - he was pretty proud of his accomplishment, too!

The other kids always had something going on - some days, there were other friends they would find to play with (like Taylor leading Kate and a group of girls in cheerleading routines), and often they would end up at the nearby play structure running around and making new friends.

Jared typically met us at the ballpark straight from work, and Torin was always glad to see him and wanted to be on his lap.