Saturday, April 18, 2015

Jacob and Claire's birthday

These 2 are 9 today!!!  We love the relationship they share - they spend so many hours of every day together, and they are best buddies.  We are so proud of them and are grateful every day for them being part of our family.

They decided they wanted to have their birthday party at the bowling alley.  It was a fun, and pretty crazy time for the boys - Logan, Dax, and Trey.  By the end, the boys were dragging the bowler who was unsuccessful at knocking down all pins off the alley.  

The girls, Alexandra and Leslee, were much more calm.  They had a fun time and were pretty quiet and reserved.

This picture happened while we were there.  Classic Kate.

We had cake and ice cream afterwards, and the kids enjoyed a very Star Wars, Lego, and book-heavy haul of presents.  It was a great birthday, and a fantastic way to start year 10!