Monday, April 27, 2015

Adventures with Uncle Andrew

The weather cooperated perfectly (as it has been all spring) for a visit to the Tulip Festival.  Liam and Andrew tried on the big wooden shoes.

It was a beautiful, clear day for the tulip festival, and Mount Hood could clearly be seen in the distance.

It was nearing the end of the festival, which meant the tulips were big and open and somewhat overgrown, but they were still beautiful!

The kids wanted to be taken on a barrel ride behind a trackor, but One ride definitely left Andrew wanting more, so they decided to try out a tour in both vehicles.

The kids enjoyed their time with uncle Andrew.  Kate and Andrew played princesses one morning, and most days, Kate would corner Andrew with a stack of books and they would read together.

Andrew got to show Jacob a thing or two on the basketball court!  Jacob loved having Andrew dunk, and Andrew was more than happy to show off.

Torin loved playing ball with Andrew at Jacob's baseball game.