Saturday, December 05, 2015

18-month old Torin

We love our little Torin. He's getting more active and energetic. He doesn't necessarily spend lots of time sitting down and playing with his toys - he definitely prefers walking around and finding things to carry round - or wear.

Jared and Torin shared a 'proud daddy' moment. Torin ran out of the room to get a book, saying, "bae-baw" and ran into the room with the Cincinnati Reds board book. Love of baseball is in his blood!

During the Halloween season, Torin discovered his love of pumpkins! He can spot them all over the neighborhood, as we drive by houses, and even on flags hanging outside of homes.

He loves to climb, probably more than the other kids have at this age. We often find him on top of tables, climbing on chairs to play with the toy kitchen or other cubbies or to mess with the computer.

He loves his big siblings, and they think he's pretty hilarious. Claire loves reading with Torin. Torin is pretty destructive to their Lego creations. He seems to enjoy watching their reactions (which are inevitably big!).

Torin had his first haircut at Tamara's. He thought it was pretty cool - and he looked so much older after he was done!!!

The stats

Favorite things:
- Pumpkins (buh-buh)
- Fruit
- Fish Sticks
- Balls
- Being outside
- Christmas lights ("woah!")