Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

Not one second after 8:00 sharp, the kids tore through their wrapped-up doors and headed into mama and daddy's bed. Torin climbed in, too. After the traditional parents pretending to try to go back to sleep then the reading of the nativity as a family, everyone lined up and made their way downstairs.

The kids were all super excited, including Torin, who found his new doggie and gave it a big hug. Then, he heard Elsa singing Let it Go, and he seemed to forget about the doggie and pretty much anything else. We spent the morning being serenaded by Elsa, Kate, and Torin.

The kids got each other a book - Kate was super excited to get a My Little Ponies book! She immediately started narrating it to everyone.

Jacob's everything Star Wars book was a big hit for both him and Claire.

and even Torin took a break from Elsa's singing and sat down to read with mama.

The older kids were pretty excited to get presents opened this year, so we went quicker than normal, even with our usual breakfast break.

Liam not only ended up with a pair of Minion pajamas (Christmas Eve) and slippers (Santa), Nana sent him a minion hoodie! It's kind of perfect for Liam.

Torin was thrilled to be going to sleep with both his hippo and his new doggie!

Everyone dispersed around the house, playing new board games, napping, building Legos, assembling can racks, and playing with new toys.

Later in the evening, we had one of Claire's friends, LaShayla, and her grandparents, Linda and Howard over for a Christmas dinner. It was fun to get to know them better. We had some birthday cake and sang happy birthday to Jesus (we sang to Dani at other times during the day).

It was a great Christmas day!