Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sledding on Hood

We have had a much better snow year on Mount Hood than we had last year, so we decided to take the kids up for some pre-Christmas sledding. It has been cold and snowy, so the snow that wasn't already packed was really soft. There were times that Jared and Dani stepped into the snow up to their knees.

Torin wasn't very sure about sledding at first, but eventually, he warmed up to it. 

Jacob tried using the snowboard - and by the end of our sledding, he was getting pretty good at it!

The snow tube ended up with a little hole in it, so we couldn't use it, but that didn't stop the kids! We even bought a Frozen sled for Kate, but it wasn't big enough for 2, and she prefers sledding in a pair, so she didn't use it much.

The kids took a sled ride together on the way back to the car. We did a good hour plus of sledding, and everyone was still happy, so it was a successful day all around!