Thursday, December 31, 2015

Finishing the year with friends

We finished 2015 partying with Ryan, Jessica, and kids. We started off playing some Minute to Win It games. The first was the forehead Oreo game. Jared's demo was done successfully in record time. The moms and kids were entertaining to watch (and hear the commentary)!

Ryan decided to give it a try the easy way!

We played the M&M's straw game on teams. Claire and Evan were a good little team!

We had delicious cheese and broth fondue. It was noted that, despite eating fondue in small pieces, we probably each ate way more than we normally would have! That may have been particularly true of Jacob and shrimp - he had an amazing pile of discarded tails by the end of the night!

After sending the kids upstairs for a movie, the adults had peanut butter chocolate fondue for dessert until the east coast New Year's celebration.

2015 was a fun year - and we look forward to an amazing and exciting 2016!!!