Saturday, December 26, 2015

Post-Christmas fun

For most of the kids, after Christmas is synonymous with Lego assembly. They spent hours in their rooms assembling Star Wars creations, fire and police stations, and a big rock star tour bus. After their Lego sets were created, they started building a village to go on top of the train table, as well as vehicles and space ships loaded with guns and ammo.

For Kate, after-Christmas meant playing in her new costumes, playing with her Frozen toys, and definitely spraying anything and everything with her new Elsa perfume. She laid a coat of perfume down thick enough throughout the house that we had to open windows. The strongest was in her room, where she and Claire declared later that night that they would be unable to sleep in there because of the smell!

We had some blue skies following Christmas, and even though it was pretty chilly (and it took some convincing for Claire), the kids got onto their new bikes. Claire and Jacob were instantly thrilled with their new bikes (with gears!). Torin also decided he needed to ride a bike!

Santa brought Jared some models - a WW2 airplane and the USS Constitution - to assemble with the boys. Liam was pretty thrilled to put his airplane together! Jared and Jacob have worked on Old Ironsides a few times and it has one of its masts up but still has some work to be done.

One thing we love after Christmas is seeing the kids new outfits! Claire looked super cute in her new dress.

Jacob was given 2 Air hogs - one quadcopter and an X-Wing! Jacob has been flying his quadcopter around the house (keeping it away from the tree for his own safety!). One day after Christmas, we took the Air Hogs over to the high school and flew them around the football field. The X-Wing was a challenge to have super long flights with, but we had a few really good flights - Jared flew it around the field goal, down the length of the field, into the stands, and back onto the field. The next time we went over to fly them, Jacob figured out how to do a loop and keep it flying
On our second flying trip, we brought a little Air Hog that would hover over your hand (or any other object). Jared started it and had the kids take over - the wind was blowing, and it just kept blowing the little hover-copter further down the field. It crossed the entire field, the track, went up the hill (probably 25-30 feet tall!) at the end of the stadium, over the hedge at the top of the hill, and landed in some ground cover near the tennis court! It was an epic flight!