Saturday, March 09, 2013

Biking in Champoeg

We took a bike ride in Champoeg on another beautiful Saturday!  We were excited to get on our bikes because we took Jacob's training wheels off his big bike (he's been riding his smaller bike without training wheels for a while), and he took off without a problem.

Since we had Claire riding the smaller bike a few weeks ago, we knew that we could all go on a bike ride together, and that Claire would be excited about it!  We packed Kate and Liam into their seats, and took off as a family.

We wound up riding just under 3.5 miles.  Kate sucked her thumb quietly; Liam talked and sang nonstop; and Jacob was happily in the lead, talking the entire way; and Claire provided a number of funny moments:
  • Every time she passed a dog, she took her feet off the pedals, and would ride 15 feet off the trail
  • Whenever she went down a hill, she would be to throw both of her feet far off of the pedals
  • She wasn't paying attention and ran straight into a post (designed to keep cars off the trail).  Fortunately, she was just getting started and going slow, so she thought it was funny

Afterward, we spread out the blanket and had a picnic.  I think we're going to need a bigger blanket for these family picnics!  We quickly discovered (or, rather, were reminded) that it is quite difficult to keep Kate and Liam's attention on lunch when there is exploring to do!

We played a few holes of disc golf.  Unfortunately, Kate and Liam have been sick, so we weren't able to play many as they were ready to go and needed a nap.  Jacob and Claire, as usual, participated in the disc golf and made sure their discs were in the baskets!

Claire's favorite flower was in bloom, and she made sure to go home with a bunch.  She dropped them into her water bottle for safe transport home.  I found it in the back of the car, with the drowned flowers, a few days later!

I love this picture of Claire and Jacob!  We love beautiful Oregon!


Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Claire and Jacob also. What a great family outing!


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