Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Egg Hunts

This is our 4th Easter in Portland, and it seems that every Easter, blue skies prevail!  We got to do a couple Easter Egg hunts this year - the annual one at the bishop's house (which was a few weeks early because their house is on the market); one at our friends' the Evans; and a little one at home.

Kate and Liam are at a fun age for Easter Egg hunting - they understand they are supposed to pick those little eggs up and there's candy inside them!  Kate has an especially strong sweet tooth.

Jacob was very concerned about getting one of the Golden Eggs.  He informed me that he'd been praying that he could find one and that Claire or one of the babies could find one.

It turned out that both Claire and Kate ended up getting a golden egg and the gigantic chocolate bunny that comes with them!  Jacob worked a trade with Kate so that he could have the actual golden egg (he didn't seem as concerned about the bunny).  Both he and Claire spent Saturday night sleeping with their eggs.

The Monday before Easter, we spent decorating eggs.  We had some glitter that we added to the colors and made the eggs extra fun.

Kate and Jared sat down and did some coloring on the eggs.

Kiddos have had fun trying to identify which color the egg shell was as we've peeled and eaten them!


Anonymous said...

I so look forward to each post. I wish Kaci still kept up a blog, but am grateful for all the pictures she send me on the phone. I just need to learn how to put them on my computer. It is much better now that I have such a big screen on my phone.

Looks like loads of fun!