Friday, March 15, 2013

Little Parrots

For a long time, Kate has been a little parrot.  She is able to express what she wants very well (sometimes we wish she couldn't) and is willing to say anything you ask her to.  She learns words quickly, it's really cute.  Liam has been starting to be really interested in repeating words, and he knows a surprising amount of words and we're starting to understand more of what he is saying.  

It really is nice to be able to communicate with them - it makes a big difference when they know that they are understood.  When they ask for something and we repeat what they want, they get a big smile and say, "Yes" or "Yeah."

We have been reading a Mickey book to them, and they really like it.  The lighting on the video isn't great, but you can hear how they say, "Mickey," "Donald Duck," "Goofy" and "MONSTER TRUCK!!!"

Recently, they have been watching The Letter Factory (because the Veggie Tales sing along stopped holding their attention).  They will sit and watch the majority of the show.  In fact, watching that video is one of the very few times I have ever seen both of them sitting still for more than 1 minute.  We recently were asking Kate and Liam and teaching them what sounds A, B, and C make.  We haven't taught them any letters other than A, B, and C, but as the video shows, they apparently know what sounds most of the letters say!  Now, we need to find an instructional video on cleaning up messes that babies can watch.

They are learning SO fast these days, and it is a joy to watch them learn from everything and everyone around them.


Sarah said...

So IMPRESSED!! I guess I need to play that video for Sophia. Probably would help her learn her ABC and the sounds:)

Anonymous said...

I finally got to a computer that would play these videos. I just chuckle. I can't believe how fast they are learning new things. I can't wait to see them.