Monday, March 25, 2013

Little readers

Claire continues to LOVE reading!  We often find her curled up with a book.  Her teacher recently challenged her a little bit with a book called "Because of Winn Dixie."  That one looks like it was a little more in depth of a book than a lot that she has read.  

She often is working on 2-3 books at the same time.  Currently, she is reading through some American Girl books, one of the Beverly Cleary Ramona books, a book called "Frankly Frannie."  She has probably been spending most of her time reading through a pretty long Star Wars book that covers Episodes IV-VI.  She has a pretty good comprehension and seems to like a challenging book.  

She gets quite engrossed in her books while she is reading and becomes unaware of things going on around her.  One thing that's interesting is that once she's done reading, she doesn't seem to be caught up in what's happening in her book or want to talk much about what she is reading.

Kate also loves to read.  If it were up to her, she'd spend half of her day sitting on someone's lap having them read to her.  Among her favorite books (which she asks for by name and then wants to read more than once) are: 
  • "ABCD book" (a book with baby faces and the ABC's) 
  • "Hi Guys" (a book about a concrete truck given by great grandma and grandpa Afton and Russ), 
  • Dr. Suess board books like Mr. Brown can Moo (pictured), and Hand, Hand Fingers Thumb
  • the "Grandma books" (a couple audio books given by and read by Grandma Vicki)

Jacob and Liam also like reading, but not like their sisters do.  Jacob loves Star Wars books.  He can read through simpler books by himself and can read other books with a little assistance.  Liam likes most books but has a much shorter attention span!

We're currently reading through the Book of Mormon.  Claire is able to keep up as Dani and I read, and she is able to read almost everything when it is her turn to read.  Jacob has made a lot of progress this year and usually only needs assistance with some of the harder words.  In addition to being excited for the positive spirit we can feel while reading the Book of Mormon as a family, we are excited to see the progress they've made as readers by the end of the book.