Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter, from the Jensens

It was a great Easter day.  We started talking about the Easter story with kiddos in our bed (while the parents were stalling for time as the babies slept).  We had a short hunt for baskets (Claire walked her head into her basket) and eggs and a yummy brunch.

Church had some good talks and a wonderful lesson by the new Bishop.  One poignant part of his talk centered around the apostles asking "Is it I?" when Christ said the traitor was among them and how each of us can stand to have that same attitude when it comes to listening to prophets and apostles (well-timed message!).  I love lessons and talks on Easter Sunday because they are all centered around Christ's atonement.

After church, we took a few pictures with our Easter outfits.  We were happy with most of our family Easter pictures.

We got some pretty funny ones as well.


Anonymous said...

Darling pictures, cute kids and outfits! Looks like Claire and Dani are both growing their hair out. Jacob's shirt sleeves look like this shirt might last awhile.

Love the pictures.! Thanks for sharing.