Saturday, March 23, 2013

The hole in the fence and playing in the backyard

A few months ago, a windstorm did blew out a few vinyl boards from our fence.  We put them back, and the wind did it again, so we haven't bothered to replace them yet.  Luckily, we love our neighbors, and our kids get along well because now that the weather is a little nicer, it means easier access in between our yards.  

We've continued to have a run of gorgeous weather recently, so we've spent quite a bit of time in the backyard.  Kate watched Jacob taking some batting practice and started putting the ball on the tee and hitting it off.

Claire likes to play her 'baseball' game, playing with the baseball popper, which pops the ball up in the air, and a little handbrush from their house set.

After mowing the lawn for the 4th time this year a week ago, Jared sent a text to his brother-in-law and sister in Minnesota taunting them (they'd just used their snowblower the week prior!).  We love the smells of spring, including the apple blossoms from the tree behind our house!