Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hanging out in the backyard, enjoying the BEAUTIFUL April weather

For most of this year, we've seen more sun than expected.  The past few days, we have had clear skies and have reached the mid-70's, so everyone has been outside enjoying the warm, sunny weather.  Meanwhile, it is still snowing in much of the midwest.  I have been sure to text my brother-in-law Matt about mowing my lawn (he responds by saying he has used his snowblower recently!)

One of the best parts of warm, sunny weather is popcicles!!!

Lots of popcicles

Jacob and Claire like to get different flavors so they can each try the others' flavor.  

For the record, we are purposefully not closing the hole in the fence because our neighbors kids enjoy hopping through the fence to play with our kids, and vice versa.

For Claire, sometimes it feels a little TOO warm, so she goes and reads in the sliver of shade by the back fence.

Our azaleas (I think) near the front porch have been in full bloom and look nice.

Dani enjoys spending lunchtime outside on days like these.


Anonymous said...

Cute, cute kids--all of them! Is that Jim and Mel's girls?

I am so missing them!