Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Present Day to Kiddos

It's not Claire and Jacob's birthday.  Claire wants to make sure that was clear.  She is a very literal child and wants to make sure everyone's facts are straight.  There is an Old Navy commercial (link) that reminds us so much of Claire - the little girl on the commercial even looks a little like Claire!

Anyway, we decided to celebrate Jacob and Claire's not birthday with presents.  Before the unwrapping got underway, Liam had to organize and reorganize a few times.  And Kate had to yell.

Then Jacob started to yell because he got "i, ii, and iii" (pronounced with the letter I, not 1, 2 and 3).  Claire was excited and quite surprised to get her very own light saber.  It is purple, so we figured it's a good light saber for Claire, though the purple light saber belongs to Mace Windu, who was played by Samuel Jackson.

Claire was equally as excited to have the other Star Wars movies!  They know the basics of the plot from their Lego Star Wars game and from conversations on the bus with friends, but they're excited to see them.

Jacob also got a Lego Star Wars encyclopedia with all the characters.  Claire was equally excited to go through all of the characters.  They seemed to forget about all of all their other presents at that point.

Liam was quite helpful in picking up all of the papers.  He and Grandpa were a great team.  Liam also dumped some of the new presents, his milk cup, and some boxes Dani wanted to keep into the garbage, so Grandpa had to pay attention!

We sang "Happy Present Day" to Claire and Jacob, just to be clear it wasn't actually their birthday.

After the cake was served (DQ ice cream cake!), the Lego Star Wars encyclopedia became too enticing, and the cake was forgotten.

Lest we think that all they got was Star Wars and Lego stuff, they also got a couple games and some clothes, which Jacob put forth a sweet, valiant effort to be excited for before tossing them on the couch to go back to the Star Wars stuff.