Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tulip Festival with John and Vicki

After spending the morning at the opening day festivities, we went south to the wooden shoe tulip festival.  While it was pretty chilly and windy and drizzled a few times and threatened to rain most of the time we were there, we saw enough pockets of sun that Liam wound up with a little sunburn!  It's a good thing we don't live in Arizona with our redheads!

Kiddos found their own wooden shoes to take a ride in.

We took a bunch of pictures of flowers

and kids in front of flowers.

Jacob was being quite cute, so we wound up with a number of good pictures of him.

We got some good pictures of the sets of twins, including one that we will be sure to bookmark for a wedding video at some point.

Claire was a little impatient but was smiling early on (and later on as well). 

It was fun to have John and Vicki visiting with us!

John was especially excited to see the steam tractors.  They had 5-6 of them, and they would move them around every now and again.

Kate and Liam thought the flowers were quite pretty and enjoyed walking around the uneven surfaces of the field and looking at the flowers.

We even saw a pink John Deere tractor!  We were afraid Uncle Travis would have a fit about it, but he thought it was pretty cool when we sent him the picture.

I think Liam was born to drive a tractor - he was quite happy sitting up there.  He threw a fit when it was time to leave!

After strolling around the tulips and getting lunch, we went over to where there were some games and activities.  Jacob decided that this year, he was going to do the zip line.  The weight requirement was 60 pounds, and Jacob weighed in exactly at 60.  While we were getting the tickets (thanks Vicki!), Jacob was telling me that he was, "Feeling quite proud."  I was, too.  We talked about how he might feel a little nervous at the top, but that he could do it, and he really didn't seem scared.

He got his harness on, gave us a little wave, and off he went!  He was concentrating quite a bit, and then when he was slowed at the bottom, he lost his grip and hit his head on the rope, but he was smiling and decided he would do it again next year.  His favorite part, he said, was the very start, going off of the tower.  What a brave guy!!!

Claire weighed in at 47 pounds (sweatshirt, shoes, hot dog from lunch and all), so she decided to do the trampolines.  It was a good decision.  She had SO much fun!!!  We got her to try doing some tricks (like walking in the air and froggy hops), and she thought that was pretty funny.  

Kate and Liam got to do some slides and had fun with that, too.  They were pretty well spent by the end of the day, but we had a great time.