Saturday, April 13, 2013

Opening Day!!!

It's baseball season, and Saturday was opening day for baseball!  They got to have a scrimmage on the high school fields.  Jacob got a uniform (#8 - his uncle T's favorite number!) and they played a few innings.  It was quite chilly, and we ended up in the shady part of the field most of the game.

One inning, Jacob got to play catcher!  He looked really cute in the catcher's equipment.  He's getting an early start - I think the first time I played catcher was 4th or 5th grade!

They use a pitching machine this year.  It was a bit erratic, throwing about 3 of 5 balls so low they were hitting the plate.  Jacob got a hit on his last at bat, but got tagged out right before first (it was more of a collision that left Jacob on his back - something Jacob did to others a couple times in t-ball!).

Kate and Liam got to try on the baseball helmets.  Kate decided she needed to take hers for a walk around the fence, so she wore it for quite a while and was quite cute.  Liam's head fit pretty well in the helmet!

The McKnights have a son on Jacob's team, so Liam and 'Adiss' sat and cheered for the team.