Friday, April 26, 2013

Playing in Champoeg

It was so beautiful on Friday (80 degrees and sunny!) that Jared decided he needed to be home to enjoy the weather, so he left work early so we could go to Champoeg State Park.  We brought our bikes for a family bike ride.

Now that Claire feels confident in her riding, it is a lot of fun to go as a family.  Kate and Liam like bike rides (for the most part).

After our ride, we grilled hot dogs over charcoal.  Jared played some pepper with Jacob, and Claire led Kate and Liam around picking little daisies.

After we ate, we packed the babies in the jogging stroller and played some disc golf.  Kate and Liam understood quickly that the objective of the game was to put the frisbee in the basket, so they joined in.

Claire found herself a nice frisbee-launching pad.

We played until sunset, then topped off our day with some frozen yogurt.  We enjoy these days that we can get out as a family!