Tuesday, April 02, 2013

"Cuddle Mommy!!!"

Spring break meant that everyone could sleep in (Jacob and Claire normally have to be woken up at 6:45 to catch the bus).  That meant that everyone could have some 'Cuddle Mommy' time in bed.  It's certainly a squirmy cuddle, though!

We've given Kate and Liam a few bubble baths recently.  Sometimes, they love them.  Sometimes they don't. We haven't figured why.

The Easter Bunny sent Kiddos sun glasses, and Nana sent the babies sun glasses for Easter.  The babies glasses were called "babiators" - Ha!  3 of the kids were quite enamored with them and wore them around lots of the day. 

Liam still owns the tupperware cupboard and the small-appliance cupboard (the 2 un-locked cupboards in the kitchen).  He is in those cupboards all the time.  We often find toys hidden within tupperware or other pots.